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4 tips on how to troubleshoot common WordPress theme issues

Your WordPress theme does not work/look as it should? The solution can actually be simpler than you think. Take a look at 4 useful tips, including specific tips on how to contact the WP Theme support guys.

How to deal with WordPress template issues?

When creating and managing WordPress websites you encounter complications from time to time. How can it easily be avoided? The best precautions are updates and selection of a quality template. On the other hand, due to the complexity of WordPress and its plugins, it is quite understandable that sometimes you would be lost and don’t know, where to start. Check out 4 great tips on how to deal with such situations.

1. Check out updates and compatibility of your plugins

  • Part of the site does not appear?
  • The main page is not loaded?
  • Can not save settings in administration?
  • Are there bugs in WP administration?
  • The changes you are making are not saved?

The first step is checking all updates and compatibility between plugins and your current WP version. If you’ve just installed or updated a plugin, try disabling it and checking if it all works. Unfortunately, not all creators keep their themes and plugins updated and 100% functional with the latest versions of WordPress and plugins (we committed ourselves to do it with our Ark WordPress Theme)

2. Look at the hosting parameters

  • Failed to import WordPress theme demo content?
  • Can not upload the theme at all?
  • Is your WP theme incredibly slow?
  • Do WordPress require data for logging
  • Do you have trouble caching the WordPress site?

The parameters of your hosting are important for the proper functionality of the WordPress Theme of your choice. In particular, cheaper hosting can have some limitations that will complicate or in a worst case, even disallow the usage of your WordPress theme. Check the hosting parameters and the requirements of the WordPress theme. For example, in our Ark Theme, we save our customers time and we have System Status for them directly in the administration. At one place, you can see if all the essential parameters of your hosting are sufficient.

TIP: Do not worry about changing your hosting. We have a how-to guide about migrating your WordPress site.

3. Take time with documentation and tutorials

  • Can not find the desired function in the WordPress administration?
  • Do not you know how to work with the demo content and pre-created pages?
  • Do not understand some features and offers?
  • Do you need to help with WordPress settings?

Checking the documentation is no shame even for an experienced WordPress expert. Familiarizing with the new WordPress template that also has many features can be hard. That is why we have a top-level documentation for the Ark template. There are also video tutorials.

4. Use support

  • Did not find the answer in the documentation or in the frequently asked questions?
  • Is your case very specific?
  • Did you find a bug in the WordPress template?

Usually, quality WordPress themes are delivered with the support pack as well. For the Ark Template, there is a standard 6 month period support which could be prolonged for an additional period of time. We will always do our best to help you. We know Ark and WordPress perfectly, so do not hesitate to ask. Once you’ve decided to use support, follow these guidelines:

  • Formulate precisely and briefly your problem (no-one likes to read walls of texts)
  • Do not forget to attach all the important parameters, including the WordPress version and version of your WP theme. For example, in our case, you can attach a screenshot of the mentioned System Status page
  • If you have more problems, divide them into separate sections and number them. It’s much easier for the support to orientate in a numbered list
  • Do not describe complexly what can be easily shown on the printscreen.
  • Keep communication with support for one thing under one ticket and/or within one communication channel.

TIP: We have a closed group on Facebook for the Ark template owners!

More than common problems

Have you encountered a bigger problem and need major edits or other features? Do not hesitate to hire us! We love the challenges and we are a perfectly matched WordPress team of professionals who work fast. We’ll help you with little things and complete website creation as well.


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