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How to create a WordPress site for a lawyer?

Legal services need to be presented very formally

If you are about to create a website for a law firm and you have decided for WordPress, you need to think about what the site should do and how it should work. Legal services need to be presented very formally. The key to such a presentation is modern, clear and reputable design. If you want to save time during searching and creation of such a site, follow our instructions. Creating a WordPress site for a lawyer can actually be easier than you think.

Why does a lawyer need a website?

Lawyer´s quality is proved by satisfaction of his customers and last but not least, by his experiences. Customers need and have to trust to their lawyer, so it is not surprising that they want to know everything about him in advance. Thus, the website becomes a place for the number of litigation won, a range of services, a list of references, and other important information.

With the WordPress editing system and a quality theme, you will be sure that the website of the lawyer you are working on will look and work perfectly. With a sophisticated theme, even beginners with no technical knowledge and experience of creating a website can do it.

4 elements that can not be missed on the lawyer site

People are looking for a lawyer on the Internet when they are dealing with a specific problem. And once they find a lawyer, they need to contact him easily. The web should respect this process and, at the same time, it should provide all legal services with a clear understanding.

Working with the structure and content of individual pages on a lawyer’s website can be facilitated through the corporate website pre-created via the Ark theme. Take a look at an overview of the basic elements that you have to remember during creating.

1. About me

A lawyer’s personality is very crucial. Before clients address the lawyer, they need to get to know him/her a little better. This can be done by a separate page with a sufficiently large photo, basic introduction and interesting statistics of results. You can mention the number of active years, the number of clients and other achievements.

You should add contact information to the description page. The information will be useful for site visitors who choose to contact the lawyer directly after reading the introducing information.

2. References

The appreciated Ark theme provides several ways to present references. In the case of legal services, credible experiences are essential. For this reason, the Ark theme provides the possibility of a large photo (or a logo), a name, a job, and, of course, the rating itself within the references. You can insert unlimited organized references to pages that can persuade potential clients.

3. List of services

Every client looks for a different legal specialization, so a clear service list, which many people want to read, is a part of the website. In order to show all services on the site, you can find some practical examples in the Ark theme’s pre-created corporate page. For better orientation in services, we recommend you to use icons, photos and other design elements that you have under control in the Ark theme. Everything is ready to look just gorgeously.

4. Contact details

The ability to find all your contact information easily should not be missed on the web. The corporate page of the Ark theme presents attractive contact pages. The contact page includes a telephone number of a lawyer and, if needed, a secondary telephone contact to his secretary, the address of the office, an e-mail, a telephone contact and a contact form. Information about the opening hours can also be used to inform about the current availability of legal services. Editing is infinitely simple.

Rely on the professional WordPress template

So, you have a perfect image about what should not be missed on a lawyer’s website. Now, you have to select a suitable and professional WordPress theme that saves your time and troubles connected with complicated setup during a creation of your site. If you want to save time, work and money, decide for a theme with a pre-created look for a lawyer, including all the above-mentioned elements. The requirements of the most demanding users are met by the appreciated theme Ark. After purchasing and installing the Ark theme, go to the Demo Install option, select a Demo called Corporate and click the Install Now button.

The result will be a modern, fully responsive, corporate-style site suitable for legal services, in which you only exchange content and photos. All the elements are perfectly in control. Do you need to change graphic icons? Adjust the colors to match lawyer’s requirements? No problem. You will promptly understand the theme controls and editing thanks to detailed sophisticated tutorials and videos. The Ark is one of the best-rated WordPress multifunctional themes on the market.

The theme meets requirements of a wide range of users. It does not matter if you are a freelancer making a website for a lawyer, or an agency whose new client is a prestige law firm. In both cases, the Ark theme makes it easy to work on the entire project. For editing of your site, you use the Fresh Builder. An useful and intuitive tool with which you can modify the look of the web according your imagination.

Do you need to make individual edits? For example, an adjustment of the look or advanced features on the web? Feel free to contact us. We are the authors of the Ark theme. A professional, motivated and perfectly coordinated team at your services. We work fast and reliably.

A fair win

Do not create a site from scratch. Pre-created Ark installable demos are a win for anyone who needs to create a modern and functional website. If you need some advice, feel free contact us. We’ll take care to make your site look great.


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