How to create a WordPress web for a coffee house?

The smell of fresh coffee is the attraction for the closest surroundings, a functional and well-arranged web with important information which could capture the whole world. The website is a great way for every coffee shop to know and maintain relationships with customers. Do you know how to create such sites quickly and easily on WordPress?

Step by step guide full of caffeine

If you are currently in the process of creating a coffee shop site and have decided to use WordPress, it is a handy guide for you. Step by step will guide you through planning from start to finish. You will learn about the most important points and find that the way to a modern and functional presentation of a cafe at all times does not have to be time consuming and costly. You you will also look at practical plugins and the process of launching the site itself.

Why the coffee house needs a website?

The main task of the site is to provide guests and potential guests with a reason to visit the café. Does it make sense to create a site when you can start a Facebook or Instagram page? Of course yes! You need a place where is played according to your rules. Thanks to WordPress, the web will look and work exactly the way you need it. Making a website so makes sense in the long run. As a result, you can link it to social networking profiles.

Guests can visit the site in advance to search for interesting places in the city, others can find you through a cell phone and in five minutes they can enjoy espresso in the café. In both cases, however, the site must be clear, searchable, and usable on all types of devices. This is exactly what WordPress will do with a good template.

7 elements that you can not miss on the web

Before creating your own work, you should define a few key elements that should not be missed on the web of the café. Start from what your guests are interested in and what you want to tell them. Create the right content for them and offer them the features they will use. The specific list of elements will vary from case to case, however, this can be considered as a basis:

1. Menu with dishes and drinks

Yes, it really is the most important thing on the café site is the menu. A clearly displayed offer helps people decide whether to visit you. Keep all items up-to-date, including prices. Do not force a customer to download a PDF menu. It is always best to list all items directly to the web and provide PDF downloads as an extra option. If you offer daily menus and time-limited specialties, you will appreciate the easy content management.Administration via WordPress is very intuitive. Updating the menu can be done by a responsible cafeteria employee.

2. About us

Do not be afraid to introduce yourself Key information on the main page. The rest of the story deserves a separate text page. Customers need to know your values, goals and opinions. Add photos and quotes of people who build coffee shop to storytelling.

3. Reservation form

In addition to booking over the phone, it is practical to offer customers the option to book online. Smaller businesses, in the vast majority of cases, can handle a contact form solution. Do not forget to add information on the minimum time in advance which is necessary to make a reservation over the web. Contact your guest about the reservation endorsement.

4. News

News is an evidence that it lives in the coffee shop. Inform visitors of the site about interesting events, new items in the menu and things you are about to do. Blogs can also be used as part of the news. This is the reason why people can visit your site repeatedly. It also plays an important role in content marketing. What about the blog for high quality coffee lovers?

5. Sign up for the newsletter

You want to stay in touch with customers. Email is ideal for that. Give visitors the reason to subscribe your news. Make sure they know everything first. Tell them about the great events. Building an email database is not a matter of a few days, but certainly do not underestimate the strength of your email as a communication channel.

6. Contacts and opening hours

The contact page will show the visitor the exact address (preferably with the Google map inserted), the phone, email, and the opening hours as well. Be sure to update the site about changes of the opening hours in advance.

7. Links to social networks

Already mentioned social networks are another channel for you. Do not hesitate to give link of them on the web. Make visitors a fans! A clever solution is to place the noticeable icons on the bottom of the page.

Choose a professional WordPress template

You know why you need the web and what should not be missed. The next step is to select a professional WordPress template that makes it easy for you to create a cafe site. Ideally, it should have the appropriate features and a modern design that you can adapt. Just like the Ark template. It even offers a pre-created look for the café. With one click, you’ll get a coffee shop site with everything you should not miss. After purchasing and installing the Ark template in Settings click on Demo Install, select the Demo named Cafe and click the Install Now button.

In one minute, you have a responsive web site in which you just need to exchange photos and texts in each site and make a few basic settings. The possibilities and simplicity of customization is breathtaking, so it is no surprise that the Ark template is among the best-rated templates on the market.

Even for a beginner, editing is a matter of a moment. There is no easier and faster way to go to the finished site. You use Fresh Builder to edit your site. Intuitive and infinitely handy tool that controls every element on the page.

Do you need individual edits and other features? Do not hesitate to hire us! We created the Ark template and we can create your site too. We are a professional and perfectly coordinated team at your service. We work fast and know WordPress throughout. We’ll help you with little things and complete website creation as well.

From preparation to launch

Create WordPress web cafes for you will not be a challenge thanks to customers appreciated the Ark template. Quite the contrary! You save time, money and nerves. In the next and last step, take a look at the five practical WordPress plugins and the list of points that are important before launching the site.

5 WordPress plugins that suit your site

Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress and allow you to make further changes to WordPress Settings. The five plugins listed below work well with the Ark template and it makes your site even better. Plugins which are also listed in the overview – Revolution and Fresh Performance Cache are completely free of charge in the template Ark, and administration will automatically recommend you to install them.

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

The café is open and on all promotional materials is your URL. But
what to do when the web is not yet ready? Take advantage of Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd, with which visitors can see information about an early run. Within the paid version you can also collect email contacts directly. .

Slider Revolution

The world’s most popular plugin for creating effective slides you will get in the Ark template completely free. With this plugin you will add to more than 4 million users who use it. From simple slideshow to complex animations.Anything will stand in way to Your creativity .Feel free to present the news really stylishly.


E-mail marketing plays a major role in promoting the coffee shop. Collect contacts and inform them regularly about news, daily menus and other interesting offers. If you use the popular MailChimp as a forwarding tool, you will be pleased with the template Ark and its great compatibility with the MailChimp plugin for login integration directly to the page.

Yoast SEO

Do you want your website be loved by search engines? Keep all important SEO factors on page under control. The Ark template perfectly understands the Yoast SEO plugin, which opens the door to a wide range of settings. You do not have to be an SEO guru. Plugin guide you step-by-step through the most important parameters.

Fresh Performance Cache

Data Caching is a working method to help you speed up the running of your website. Café customers do not want to wait unnecessarily, and therefore the Ark template is not only optimized for high speed, but at the same time you get a cache plugin Fresh Performance Cache. Just activate and nothing else to deal with. Loading Instantly and noticeably accelerates.

What not to forget before running?

Everything is done, the plugins are activated and you are looking forward to running. What to focus on before the first visitors see the site? Bet on points from this checklist:

  • Check all content
  • Read all of the texts, including those in the header and footer of the site. Did not stay
  • Some sentences somewhere from a demo? Just look at all the photos again.
  • Testing of links
  • Click through the site very carefully. All links must be funky and linking there, where they supposed to. Do not forget about menu items and links from different icons.
  • Check forms
  • Please try filling out and submitting your contact and booking form. Finding out that some of these forms do not work, after a few months, is really a lot unpleasant.

Visitors measurement

Everyone is interested in how many people go to his site. The most used analytical free tools include Google Analytics. For its implementation on the web and into we recommend the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin (GADWP). With the first visits, make sure that your visit data are properly loaded.

Search engine availability

The announced Yoast SEO plugin alerts you to all possible issues. After running be sure to access the search engine site. Disable search and indexing site content makes sense only before running. See “Settings, specifically the Display section.

Normally, checklist should not miss web testing in different browsers and on different devices. With the Ark template, we did it for you. If you need some adjustments and other features, do not hesitate to hire us! We created the Ark template and we can create your site. Professional and coordinated team works fast and meet all your expectations. We’ll help you with little detail and the complete creation of the site as well.

And now you can finally get a coffee

As you can see, creating a WordPress web for a coffee shop is easier than it may seen. With the award-winning Ark template, you can handle it quickly and pre-created demo for the café will make the vast majority of your work within a minute. The result is a modern and fully functional presentation that will simply appeal to customers. And not just it. It will show them that you really care about them.


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