How to create a WordPress web for a restaurant?

Even the best restaurants in the neighborhood need a great website where local visitors and tourists can find the most important information. Nowadays, a meal has to look tasty not only on the plate but also on your website. Take a look at the practical tutorial on how to quickly create a WordPress website for a restaurant.

Food is a passion

Just one look at Instagram and it’s clear. Food is a passion for many people. They regularly inspire themselves, read reviews, watch food blogs, and look for a new businesses. When it comes to yours, you have to be sure you can impress them. Only in this case, they come to taste your cuisine. If you are about to create a new Website for a WordPress editorial system, there is nothing easier than following our instructions. The result will be a perfectly functional and modern website of a restaurant with everything that potential customers expect from it.

Why does a restaurant need a website?

Promotion of a restaurant should not be based only on word-of-mouth marketing and local advertising. The web plays an important role in a communication and customer contact. At the same time, you can link to it from social networks and various review sites such as TripAdvisor or Zomato. This will allow people to easily book and look for recent information.

Thanks to the WordPress and a quality theme, you can be sure that the site will look and work on all the devices exactly the way you need. All without great investments and technical knowledge.

7 elements that the restaurant site should not miss

Do you know what people are looking for on a restaurant website? Before you start developing your site, look at the list of features that should not be missed. As illustrated by the pre-created Ark theme’s restaurant page, the one-page slideshow is enough for the essentials.

1. Booking

There is nothing worse than arriving to a restaurant with an empty stomach and find out that it is full. For this reason, the possibility of reservation cannot be missed on the web. A comprehensive form for booking a table with a phone number attached is a great solution. If there are any rules for booking in your restaurant, be sure to write them down to the form. Contact your guest about the reservation via email. Booking through the web saves time of both, guest and you.

2. References

Show the satisfaction of your customers. Real reviews from ordinary people, food bloggers, experts, and media should not be missed on the web site of a restaurant. When choosing a WordPress theme, focus on whether it offers an attractive way to present the references in one place. You can be sure that The Ark theme will not disappoint you.

3. Events

Food is a social event and for a restaurant, it should be a matter of course to organize events or attend various food festivals. How to inform guests about the upcoming event on the web? Put a visually appealing trailer with an unforgettable date and an opportunity to learn more.

4. Blog

The restaurant must live. Let us know about the planned updates. Active blog management is a part of content marketing and a great incentive for visitors to come back to you, or to find you through a search engine. The key is the compatibility of the theme with the appropriate SEO plugin. You need to optimize your posts. The Ark theme goes perfectly with the most popular Yoast SEO plugin.

5. Menu

Enamor by daily menu or goodies and specialties from the kitchen. There is no web of the restaurant without a meal menu. Thanks to WordPress, you can update it quickly and easily. Display any number of items, including prices.

6. Your team

A handy team of chefs deserves a special place on the site. Introduce your chef and other members of the kitchen to the people. It’s them who make the name of your business. You can even show links of their social networks in the Ark theme. So, people have the opportunity to follow them and become their fans.

7. Contact

A few words about you, a simple contact form and especially a direct address with other contacts. The good food lovers must find you. Do not forget to add the opening hours.

Choose a professional WordPress template

Now you know what should not be missing on the web. For several times, we mentioned the importance of choosing the right theme. It makes it easy for you to create a WordPress site of a restaurant. It can even do the vast majority of work for you. The basic assumption is that it has the appropriate features and adequate design. Just like the Ark theme. It offers a pre-created look directly for a restaurant. After purchasing and installing the Ark theme in Settings in subfolder Demo Install, select the Demo named Restaurant and click the Install Now button.

In a minute, you have a modern and fully responsive web site in which you only exchange content. Just change your logo and colors to equally suit your restaurant style. The simplicity and speed with which you can use the theme is just breathtaking.The Ark belongs to the best rated WordPress themes on the market.

Editing is a matter of a moment. It does not matter if you are an experienced freelancer who produces a web for a client, or a restaurant manager who is beginner with WordPress. In both cases, the Ark theme is an efficient and fast way to the finished site. You use Fresh Builder to edit your site. Intuitive and infinitely handy tool with which you have everything on the page under your control.

Do you know that you will need individual adjustments, a completely different look and other features? We are here for you! We have created the Ark theme and we can create your site. We are a professional, motivated and perfectly coordinated team at your services. We work fast. We will help you with the complete development of the site.

Enjoy your meal

After you get familiar with the user-friendly Ark theme, you will quickly understand that creating a WordPress site of a restaurant is extremely simple with pre-created pages. The sophisticated theme saves your time and money. And in the case you need help, feel free contact us. Without a doubt, the result will “taste” anybody who visits it.
After familiarizing yourself with the user-friendly Ark template, you will quickly understand that creating a WordPress web restaurant is extremely simple with pre-created pages.


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