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Secure your WordPress website in 10 minutes

High popularity of WordPress attracts various types of attacks. This is why every website owner should not forget several security rules. A minimal time investment to security can spare you various several problems in the future.

You do not have to be a security expert

Can you imagine that all the content of your corporate website, that is driven by WordPress, will disappear? That you cannot get into the administration? Or that the competition’s ad loads every time a site is opened? All of these scenarios are real and they are experienced by people who completely ignore the WordPress website security. In fact, you do not have to be a security expert with a lot of time. For a very basic security, it will take a few minutes to install the plugin and learn few practical tips.

Watch secure login and password

The “admin” username and the password consisting of the website name and numbers 123. This is an invitation for attackers for which you will be suffering. Choose a complex password, or secure login itself. The right way to secure sign-on process is to turn on 2-step verification. One of the most popular plug-ins for activating it is Two Factor Authentication. Your user account in the WordPress administration will be protected by additional security levels. For example, you can set sending Message to your mobile phone in order to verify user.

Another and very simple step to secure login is to change the URL through which you log into the administration. This is also possible through the plugin. The iThemes Security plugin is a proven tip with many security options. Besides the above-mentioned two-step verification and change of the login URL , there is also option of setting password expiration and user activity logging.

Update and hide WordPress

WordPress is constantly evolving, and some updates bring not only new features, but also fixes for critical security flaws. Flaws are immediately used by hackers and their automatized tools that can detect the latest version of WordPress on your site. In regard to WordPress bug, it is popular attack target and the basic advice for its protection is regular and, if possible, immediate updating.

Do not turn off automatic updates and watch updates of WordPress and all installed plugins. Even plugins can become an open door for attacks on your site.

Therefore, it is very useful to hide that you use WordPress. Consequently, the attacker will not be able to find out the version of the system or any other information about the site that would be relatively easy to find in a classic WordPress view. To hide using of WordPress, you can use the WP Hide & Security Enhancer plug-in.

Use professional templates

One bad file in the theme and your WordPress web is vulnerable again. So, in case of choosing a certain theme, you should decide according to high security, not only good-looking design.

One of our main priorities in creating the Ark theme is security. If you choose a theme for free without further development, it may very soon become obsolete and an easy target. We update the Ark theme to ensure it is fully compatible with both the latest version of WordPress and the frequently used plugins and security plugins as well. This is what makes it one of the best rated WordPress themes ever, and feedback from users just confirms that it makes sense to put safety first.

We recommend buying commercial themes only at official markets and creator sites. Someone may be tempted to get a free commercial theme from any illegal source, but no one can guarantee that the theme has not been changed and you do not install harmful code on the website along with the theme.

Regularly scan and back up the web

Are all files on your hosting OK? Have not there been some changes that could be a foretaste of a potential attack? Scanning is answer for these exact questions. You can easily and automatically scan all WordPress files, including templates and plug-ins. The popular Wordfence plugin compares files with the WordPress repository to let you know if your version of the plugin or template has been modified in a non-standard way. At the same time, it is one of the multifunctional security plugins that offers more security features, including two-phase authentication, protection against force attacks, and blocking of specific IP addresses by known attackers.

A healthy version of the site should also regularly backup, in case something happens. One of the very popular backup plug-ins is BackUpWordPress.

Take the first step towards security

You do not have to immediately begin installing all the security plugins and apply all the recommendations. In fact, with just secure password, regular updates, and a properly chosen theme, make more than you think.

The importance of security increases with the importance of the site itself. However, do not underestimate safety in even smaller projects. Within 10 minutes, you can actually update everything and set up your first security plugin without any problems.


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