The WordPress site security  within 10 minutes
The high popularity of WordPress attracts various types of attacks. This is why each web site owner should not forget several security rules. If you invest minimum time to security you can prevent problems in the future.
How to create a WordPress website for a hairdresser?
For women, visiting a hairdresser should be an entry into the world of beauty, calmness and understanding. The same should apply to visiting the websites that hairdressers present to potential customers and existing clients. Inspire yourself with an useful tutorial on how to create a breathtaking WordPress website for a hairdresser.
How to create a WordPress site for a lawyer?
Consistency, credibility, speed, flexibility. All this are features that should be presented not only by a lawyer himself, but also by his official website. Take a look at the Practical Guide that takes you through the creation of a WordPress site for a lawyer or for a law firm step by step.
How to create a WordPress web for a restaurant?
Even the best restaurants in the neighborhood need a great website where local visitors and tourists can find the most important information. Nowadays, a meal has to look tasty not only on the plate but also on your website. Take a look at the practical tutorial on how to quickly create a WordPress website for a restaurant.
How to create a WordPress web for an architect?
The clean lines and detailed design is renome of every good architect whom clients choose to trust. If they have to choose, they need have enough information. And where else can you get it than on a representative web with a modern look! Take a look at the helpful tutorial that will lead you step by step through creating a WordPress site for an architect or architectural studio.
4 tips on how to solve common WordPress template issues
Does not WordPress look like a template as it should? The solution can actually be simpler than you think. Take a look at 4 useful tips, including specific tips on how best to contact the template support.
How to create a WordPress web for a coffee house?
The smell of fresh coffee is the attraction for the closest surroundings, a functional and well-arranged web with important information which could capture the whole world. The website is a great way for every coffee shop to know and maintain relationships with customers. Do you know how to create such sites quickly and easily on WordPress?

Why Should You Use WordPress?

Still hesitant about choosing the content management system? Look at a summary of all the good reasons why you should choose WordPress, including comparing with other popular CMS. According to statistics, WordPress drives over 25% of all websites, which makes it number #1 CMS (content management system). However, this does not mean that it must be the best solution for you or your client. Check out the main reasons why to build and not build a WordPress site. Find out if WordPress can do everything you need. You’ll also find out what’s better than in a competitive CMS, and there…
We introduced killing feature “Global Styles” and drastically improved the loading of our Fresh Builder. So we end up with fastest loading builder on WordPress scene. And this is pretty awesome! We also added new demo called “Apetit” and there is of course plenty new builder sections integrated. So you can create your content faster.
Let’s start by getting the exceptions out of the way. You can safely ignore the following advice if your product or service is considerably cheaper than competition or you have a monopoly

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