Online Training Workshop

Making a website with Ark

What it is about

Practical online training with our Ark theme during which we will be creating a Café website. The site will be created from scratch on new WordPress installation without using any demo imports. We will cover all technical aspects of working with Ark, best practices and methods recommended by our development team.

Why you should attend

As a result, you will know Ark back and forth and achieve a mastery in it. This will make your workflow much faster and save you tremendous amount of time in the future. If you are still Ark newbie then don't worry, it's pretty easy to get into it with our guidance. The gained experience will directly transfer into your hourly rates. It would not be very smart to skip this course if you are a professional and make websites for a living. It is an investment that will pay for itself in to time.

Making a website with Ark


9 hours (spread over 3 days)


Café Website

Max. capacity


Recommended for





In-depth knowledge / Mastery of Ark


October 23rd-25th @ 15:00-18:00 GMT

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Topics covered

  • Layouting System
  • Fresh Builder
    • Initial Showcase
    • Workflow hacks
    • Grid Engine (vertical centering etc.)
    • Advanced CSS changes
    • Elements
  • Headers
  • Footers and Titlebars
  • Custom Loops
  • Global Styles
  • Contact Form Builder
  • Custom Fonts and icons
  • Room for your questions
  • ...and more
  • Final Website


    Lectured by


    Tomáš Herůdek
    Developer at FRESHFACE

  • 15 years development practice
  • Lead developer of Ark theme
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this workshop for?

    We assume that you know your way around WordPress and have created at least 1 or more websites with it using any premium theme(s). We will be focused on covering the Ark theme and not so much WordPress in general so past WordPress experience is indeed recommended.

    What should I prepare?

    You will need a functioning microphone. Camera is optional. Good old pen and paper for writing down notes.

    How and when to pay?

    We will send you an e-mail with invoice that you will be able to pay via PayPal. This invoice needs to be paid 3 days before the workshop starts otherwise your spot will be opened to other people.

    What happens when I've already paid but something came up, so I won't be able to make it?

    If the workshop starts in or less than 7 days from the moment you contact us about cancelling then there is nothing we can do. If it starts in more than 7 days then you will be able to sign up for a different, similarly priced workshop from us in the future - at no extra charge.