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Why using multi-purpose WordPress Themes earns you more money

What should be your primary goal in any business? Make the most money from it (yes, I know there are other goals, but lets forget about them in this article)! And the same applies to making webpages using WordPress.

Translated: You want to make the client site for as little time as possible, least amount of frustration possible and so that the client is 100% satisfied.

Make WordPress client site for as little time as possible

This should be clear to everyone. The less time you spend on one WordPress site, the more you will have it on other WP sites, and the more money you earn. Optimising time goes in many ways. For example, improved workflow, clearer communication with the client, etc. However, the biggest benefit will be the right choice of WP theme. Because about 85% of your work will take place in the WP template.

Working on WordPress site can not frustrate you!

Even in 2017, most WordPress templates are incredibly limiting. Did you know that in most WP Themes is a problem putting 2 buttons on one line? If you stack more of these things, you will be angrily punching the table. Therefore, you must find a template with the ideal workflow. Sufficiently flexible to not limit you. Created by professionals who can solve most of the problems properly. A good indication of how to find user-friendliness is definitely a good user reviews.

The client must be 100% satisfied

This should be your most important business philosophy. The Harvard Business Review has published a study that found that customers with the best previous user experience buy 140% more than customers with the worst user experience. Simply satisfied customers generate a turnover. And they make you a positive advertisement as well.

What is actually a multi-purpose WordPress Theme?

WordPress templates are basically divided into 3 groups. The first will be heavy-niche themes, such as “Car Rental”, the “Reality Directory” website and others. They are complicated and therefore need tailor-made code to succeed. So far, no multi-purpose template makes it possible to create these complexities. I guess I would not have to declare it publicly yet, but in Ark we are pretty close to solving and be a first multi-purpose theme being able to work as a heavy-niche as well.

Another group will be light-niche (or general) themes. These are templates that are not multi-purpose and have their own niche-targeting group. For example, a site for a shop, cafe, mobile app or startup. These templates are currently the largest number of available WordPress themes. There are thousands to tens of thousands of them. And that’s just a group that you should avoid!

Last but not least, we have multi-purpose themes here. Opposite to light-niche themes, they do not only focus on one niche, but on all, except the heavy-niche. You will build with them the architectonic café, candy shop, car service, architectural studio, medical clinic and others.

Why choose a multipurpose WordPress theme?

The answer is simple. Choosing the multi-purpose WordPress allows you to achieve easily all of the above goals in the long run. Let’s take a look at the partial benefits that will come from the use of a single multipurpose template brand.

1. You learn only one WordPress system – economies of scale

In microeconomics, this means reducing the proportion of fixed costs relative to the total. Fixed cost is learning the system of your WordPress template. A variable cost is your time spent on creating a web site.

When you use one multi-purpose WordPress template for all projects, you do not have to learn a new system every time. Therefore, your fixed costs (time spent learning) are decreasing to the limit closest to zero. Because you know the template, it shortens the time it takes to create a web page. This also reduces variable costs (time per webweb). And you’re more efficient overall. Just remember how much time you’ve been looking for to change the menu color of the last theme


  • You do not have to learn a new system every time
  • You’re more effective
  • You know what the system can do
  • You know that you will not stuck

2. Multi-purpose WordPress templates have a great user base

And they can help you. I see it everyday in the facebook group of our Multi-Purpose WordPress Ark theme. Someone asks the question and the other user answers it very quickly. There is no exception in Vietnamese guys providing support to each other in their own language. So you do not have to wait for the authors to respond to your support. Just join the community.


  • Faster response
  • The possibility of googling trivial questions
  • Less time spent on one page

3. You’ll probably get quality support

If the template is sold sufficiently, there is a good chance that it will also have good support and documentation. So you won’t get stuck with a trivial problem for a few days. You will get the answer really fast and you will not be frustrated. This will allow you to deliver better quality web pages at a more accurate date.


  • Quality support to help solve your problems
  • Greater response speeds of authors

4. Your WordPress theme will work in long-term

You will build a web on an unknown theme, a new WP update will be released, and the whole site will be broken. You then spend hours and hours fixing the theme or urging developers. Your client can not run his business calmly, so he will hate you. It does not give you a recommendation, and instead you will receive only hate. All this is a great amount of time you can save if you use a multipurpose WordPress theme. There is a great chance that the authors issue an update template that fixes all the critical bugs. At least they have the funds, and if they want to go on business they have to.


  • Zero or minimal additional costs after building your website

5. The theme is further developed

I can’t stress enough, that you need to choose well-sold WordPress theme. When sold, the authors logically want to expand their business. And so they not only fix bugs, but they also add different improvements. For example, we try to add new demo content every week. But we mainly develop the whole system to move forward with technology and remain competitive.


  • You can do more things with the new features
  • Minimum time spent on learning because you are all familiar with it.


Nowadays technology is moving incredibly fast forward. There are roughly 20,000 premium WordPress Themes and tens of thousands of free templates. If you want to be a professional who makes a website, you need to be effective. Otherwise you will lose a competitive advantage. One way to achieve efficiency is by choosing a WP template. Choose your WP MultiPurpose Theme – your favorite. Learn to use it only once. Then create awesome sites with minimal cost and effort.



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